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All Sizes of Snap Frames and Clip Poster Frames

High Quality , Expertly Finished Snap Frames at Great Prices !

The Snap Frames Store is a Printsmart Displays Company


At The Snap Frames Store, we specialise in supplying high-quality Snap and Clip Poster Frames at great prices.

We carry large stocks and so can ship an order in 24 hours or less. Our freight costs are low so delivery is economical.

Our snap poster frames are made from A grade extruded aluminum with long life hinged edges and solid backing boards. All our poster frames are designed for long life use and guaranteed for 2 years.

Whether you are looking for just one snap frame or five hundred, in any size or colour, we would love to hear from you. You will find our prices the best in Australia.

  • High Quality Brushed Aluminium finish
  • Special Long Life Hinged Edges
  • Solid backs attached to frame edges
  • 2 year warranty
  • Excellent Prices !

Please Call us today on 1300 556 589 for a super competitive quote and costs on freight and available sizes.

To change a poster, just flip up the edge of the frame, remove the plastic protective cover and drop your poster into position, then snap it shut. Changing posters is a breeze.

Our snap poster frames can be fixed to any flat surface area by using double sided tape, screws or hanging wires.

Usually this does not require a tradesman.

The snap poster frames are available in 6 generic sizes. Our warehouse carries large stocks of each size frame, which means we can usually despatch an order the same day.

Standard Snap Poster Frame sizes are:

  • A5 Snap frames and A5 Clip Frames: Internal measure : 150mmx210mm, External measure : 230mmx168mm
  • A4 Snap frames and A4 Clip Frames: Internal measure : 297mmx210mm, External measure: 327mmx240mm
  • A3 Snap frames and A3 Clip Frames: Internal measure: 297mmx420mm, External measure: 327mmx450mm
  • A2 Snap frames and A2 Clip Frames: Internal measure: 594mmx420mm, External measure: 642mmx450mm
  • A1 Snap frames and A1 Clip Frames: Internal measure: 841mmx594mm, External measure: 871mmx642mm
  • A0 Snap frames and A0 Clip Frames: Internal measure: 1189mmx841mm, External measure: 1232mmx884mm


The Frame Edges Snap
Open and Closed !

Clip Poster Holder information and Usage :

Our Notice Holders are are designed with an easy-to-open mechanism. They are a cheap but stylish way of quickly displaying banners, adverts, designs or even handmade prints. Clip poster holders, unlike permanent displays, allows the flexibility of changing your prints without ever having to take the holder from the wall. They are a widely used format that is perfect for people who constantly have to put up different notices or important information on display.

Different size clip edge notice holders are available :

Flip up edge notice holders are available in a range of standard sizes . Based around the A4 measure and then, they step up to A5, A3, A2, A1, A0 . Each different size flip up edge holder takes a different print. Depending upon what your use of the poster holders is and where you are displaying them, there is no other, low cost alternatives that offer this range of sizes and will do the same job.

Different shapes of Snap Poster Holders

1.) Square Mitred corners : The aluminium holder profile or edge as it is called, is machined at a 45-degree angle so that the corner joints meet perfectly when the edges are closed. The Mitred, square corners look is the more contemporary in the brushed aluminium or a satin anodised finish . They are easily recognisable from the clean, seamless appearance and high profile presentation of the poster when enclosed.

2.) Rounded corners are an alternative to the square corner style . The round corner version are characterised with chrome inserts in the corners. This style of picture holder is best used with colourful posters or art pieces with lots of detail. Nonetheless, some buyers tend to think that they appear less contemporary and modern than their square mitred corner counterparts. They are well suited however when hanging your notices within reach of small children.

Colours available in the Clip edge Poster Holder range

The primary colour available and the most widely sold is the silver, brushed anodised aluminium clip edge holder. It is stylish and modern looking and highlights the poster very well. They will suit most corporate environments. There are a few other standard colours available such as black, red and white. They are powder coated with these different colours and are usually bought to suit a specific corporate branding or theme of a company.

They can be coloured in a wide variety of colours although it would be a custom colour make and a minimum quantity and longer lead times are involved. The coloured clip edge wall holders do look good though.

Hanging and attaching your poster Holders

The beauty with using this style of poster holder is that they can be hung or attached on virtually any kind of wall surface. They are easily mounted on both plastered, metal or wooden surfaces. They can be hung either vertically or horizontally, i.e in either portrait or landscape orientation. It is a feature that makes them comparatively more versatile than other types of notice holders. It could also mean that a business owner who constantly replaces their posters only has to buy a couple of them to satisfy all their advertising requirements.

Applications for Flip up edged aluminium print holders :

As a notice and information display medium they are widely used and have become the industry standard for a simple and convenient way of displaying all types of different-sized posters, pictures and advertising material. Almost every type of industry uses them from Clubs, Hotel, Restaurants, Resorts, Council buildings, Hospitals, Fire evacuation plans etc. The common denominator is they are effective, look good and are low cost.