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Clip Frames

High Quality , Expertly Finished Snap Frames at Great Prices !

Coloured-Snap-Frame-PageClip Frames for great poster presentation.

We supply high quality clip frames in all sizes at great prices . Our delivery is fast and our freight costs are low.


Clip Poster Frames are widely used as a high quality , simply to use and install poster presentation solution.


The edges of the frame have special hinges , you simply flip them up, remove the perspex cover sheet and the poster can be changed in a matter of seconds. Flip the edges down and the print is clipped into place.


At Printsmart Displays we carry the complete range of sizes and colours of clip frames so whether you require just one or one hundred , please contact for a quote. Our prices are the best in Australia.


For more detail on available sizes , or a competitive quote , please call today on 1300 556 589


Standard Clip Frame Poster Sizes available :

  • A5 Clip Frames – 146mm x 210mm
  • A4 Clip Frames – 297mm x 210mm
  • A3 Clip Frames – 297mm x 420mm
  • A2 Clip Frames – 594mm x 420mm
  • A1 Clip Frames – 594mm x 841mm
  • A0 Clip Frames – 1189mm x 841mm

Clip Poster Frames are manufactured from extruded aluminium , which presents as a brushed silver look. This is a very contemporary style and will showcase your posters very well.


Many companies and organisations use the clip frames , such as Clubs and Hotels , Resorts , Schools, Universities, Shopping Centres , Fire Evacuation compliance, building companies , Franchise Groups , Government departments.


For Prices , delivery and freight information for Clip Frames in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast, Newcastle , or anywhere in Australia please ring our central number – 1300 556 589.


Decorating with clip frames

Our clip frames offer a simple and stylish way to frame your posters and photos. Highly versatile and suited to any colour scheme, all you need to do is unclip the perspex cover from the protective backing to insert your picture.

Clip poster frames can be used for all sorts of DIY and home decor projects, including framed photos for your coffee table, fireplace or stairwell. Creating a photo collage across a large, empty is a popular interior design trend – and because the frames come in brushed silver, you don’t need to worry about them clashing with one another. The ideal home decor solution for customers on a budget.

Clip frames are perfect if you want to display a treasured photograph, postcard or piece of artwork without the distraction of an ornate frame. They are the ultimate contemporary, no-fuss framing option, and can be hung either landscape or portrait to display your pieces effortlessly. A minimal alternative to traditional picture frames, they are ideal for framing posters, photographs and certificates.

Creating a gallery wall using clip frames

Picture gallery walls are very popular right now, giving a personal feel to the home and creating a focal point for the room that is full of happy memories. Best of all, you can change the pictures around as often as you like. Using clip frames, it’s easy to replace photographs without fuss and create a uniform gallery appearance, without looking too busy. Clips frames of different sizes will give a pleasing asymmetric look, while still maintaining overall cohesion.

When creating your gallery wall, think about the images you have available and how you want to arrange them. Will they all be the same size, or different sizes? Odd or even numbers? If you’re going for a neat and uniform look, even numbers work best. On the other hand, random collections tend to look better with odd numbers.

Of course, there is no need to limit your gallery to just artwork in clip frames. You can add all sorts of other things for variation, such as clocks, mirrors, clipboards with postcards on them – anything you want. There are lots of helpful templates available for first timers who want some guidance on how to hang and group multiple pictures together – find examples on Pinterest.

Remember, it’s always better to plan your display in some detail before you start hammering in nails. Making a template out of craft paper is a good way to make sure everything works spatially before you replace each piece with the real poster or picture.

The benefits of clip frames

Clip frames have lots of benefits, one of them being that they’re perfect both for indoor and outdoor use, being generally weatherproof. They are also a neat solution for promotional displays that need changing fairly often. With a clip frame, you can swap your message in a few seconds just by unclipping the back of the frame, swapping out the contents, and clipping it back up again. A clean, professional and inexpensive way to display messaging for your customers.

Clip frames make ideal business display tools, as well as being useful in the home. Use them to present your posters and other promotional materials in a clean, minimal way that won’t interfere with your existing branding. We offer a wide selection of clip poster frames that ship throughout Australia, in whatever quantity you require. Whether you run a bar, restaurant, office, health or education establishment, clip frames are sure to come in handy when you need posters to be well-presented and protected – without distraction.

Clip frames are easy to fix to the wall using screws and plugs, or even sticky strips, since they are fairly lightweight. There are various good adhesive options available that don’t require nails.

Why perspex is a safer choice than glass

Using plastic over glass for our clip poster frames keeps them secure in transit, as well as eliminating the risk of breakage or shattering should the frame fall. Broken glass produces small shards that are hard to clean up and can cause injury – certainly not ideal for busy areas such as school corridors or restaurants.

Our clip frames are made with a safe perspex cover that keeps the contents in good condition, without the risk of shattering. If knocked, the frame is unlikely to break, which makes it a much safer choice if there are children or pets around. Many museums actually use plastic instead of glass to frame their works, as broken glass presents a damage risk to rare artwork. Compared to glass, perspex is virtually unbreakable, as well as being lightweight and easy to clean.

Corporate uses

Clip frames are an excellent choice if you’re looking to display posters on your wall or countertop as part of a professional POS display, as they keep your materials looking their best. While not used commercially as often as snap frames, they are good to keep handy should you need to put something out at the last minute. We offer these frames in brushed silver (aluminium) as well as in a variety of other colours. Snap frames and clip frames are not exactly the same – the former snaps open and is front-loading, whereas the latter is held together by clips and is back-loading.

Clip frames are also perfect if you’re holding an award ceremony or presenting A4 certificates, making awards and giveaways feel that little bit more special (and ensuring they don’t get damaged).

Not just for posters…

But clip frames are not just for posters and noticeboards – oh no. Have you thought about using them to frame postcards? How often do we receive postcards, only for them to become tattered and eventually thrown away? With clip frames, you can keep these mementos pristine for years to come – or buy postcards from art shops to turn into budget decor solutions.

Many people also use clip frames to preserve their cross stitching, as well as for fuss-free framing of photographs, artwork, special notes, collages, tapestry work, pressed flowers, or whatever you like! Wipe-clean weekly menus are a real hit in most households, allowing you to keep the menu structure (the picture inside) while adding to the menu using marker pens. There are really a surprising number of uses for a simple clip frame – all you need is some creativity.

Clip Picture Frame FAQs

What are clip frames?

High-impact and low-cost, clip frames are a smart and simple framing solution, particularly for those looking to decorate on a budget. You can use them for everything from posters and photos, to collages and noticeboards. You can shop our entire range of clip poster frames, shipped throughout Australia, here at the Snap Frames Store.

Clip frames are usually hung from a pin or nail in the wall from a central metal clip in the back of the frame. These clips are also used to hold the cover and backing together in a tight grip, preserving the contents inside. You can buy all sorts of different sized clip photo frames, all at great low prices.

Clip poster frames are ideal for displaying posters, photos, certificates and artwork. They are characterised by a ‘sandwich’ or either glass or plastic glazing and hardboard backing. Sometimes a mount board will be included too. All of this is held together with metal clips, with the frame often hung from the central clip, depending on whether it’s landscape or portrait.

How do clip frames work?

This style of poster frame works for both home decor and poster signage. It’s usually made up of three pieces: the glazing, the backing, and the clips. The backing is usually made from either hardboard or MDF – sometimes it’s made from plastic. It’s all about keeping the frame lightweight, and so for this reason, our frames are made with aluminium.

So how do they work? First, you place the frame front-down and remove the clips, followed by the backing. Then, you remove the sheet of card or paper from the inside, replacing it with whatever picture or poster you choose. Line everything up, then replace the backing and secure with the clips. This is all there is to it – the whole process takes less than two minutes. Your poster will then be ready to hang.

How to hang clip frames

To hang your clip frame in the traditional way, you’ll need either nails or picture hooks, and a hammer. You’ll also want a pencil, rubber, ruler – and possibly some wall filler in case you make a mistake the first time around. Start by lightly marking on the wall where you want the top corners of the frame to go. From here, you can then mark slightly lower down to work out where to hammer the nail. Use a spirit level to ensure it hangs straight.

If you want to hang your clip frame without nails, there are options for that too. Velcro or adhesive picture hanging strips are inexpensive and much more effective than they used to be.

How big are clip poster frames?

Clip poster frames can come in a whole range of different sizes and dimensions. Here at Snap Frames Store, we offer the following standard sizes, in addition to our custom sizes:

  • A5 – 146mm x 210mm
  • A4 – 297mm x 210mm
  • A3 – 297mm x 420mm
  • A2 – 594mm x 420mm
  • A1 – 594mm x 841mm
  • A0 – 1189mm x 841mm

Do clip poster frames have glass?

Some clip frames are made with a glass protective cover. However, we choose to make ours with a perspex cover sheet, which is safe from breakage and ensures your product will reach you in good condition. The same glossy, transparent finish as glass: without the risk of damage.

How much do clip poster frames cost?

Excellent question! We’re proud to offer the best prices on clip frames in Australia – and not only that, our delivery and freight costs are low too. We deliver single products or in bulk, and prices differ accordingly. Get in touch today on 1300 556 589 for a personalised product and shipping quote.

Where to buy clip poster frames cheaply

Well we may be biased, but we know that our prices are the best in Australia. So if you’re looking to buy clip poster frames for the lowest prices, then whether you need 10 or 10,000, this is the place to find them.