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What are the standard poster size frames?

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What are the standard poster size frames?

Posters and pictures can come in all different sizes and lengths. However, most shops and printers would usually have standard sizes for the various posters that are available.

If you are looking to frame your posters there is a good range of standard size poster frames available. If possible before printing your posters, check out what the different standard sizes of the frames are. You can find this information below and the measurements and sizes for each standard poster frame.

Most of the standard sizes are still quoted in the older Imperial measurements based on the A size, but we have the metric sizes beside them as well. Please see the list below:

Standard Poster Size Frame: A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0

  • A5 Poster Dimensions – 146mm x 210mm
  • A4 Poster Dimensions – 297mm x 210mm
  • A3 Poster Dimensions – 297mm x 420mm
  • A2 Poster Dimensions – 594mm x 420mm
  • A1 Poster Dimensions – 594mm x 841mm
  • A0 Poster Dimensions– 1189mm x 841mm

Most standard poster prints are trimmed to one of these regular poster sizes.  They can be placed straight into the internal frame surrounding rim as they are made specifically to these dimensions. The edges have hinges and clamp down over the poster holding them in place.

The actual exterior size of the frames is usually 15 to 30mm wider than the size of the printed poster itself. This varies slightly as there are 25mm edge profiles and 32mm edge profiles available on different size frames.  The largest frames come
with the 32mm edge profile and the smaller the 25 mm edge.

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A5 size frame is one of the smallest sizes available. You will usually place a small picture inside of this kind of poster frame.

A4 is the next standard size for a frame that you can purchase. An image size of A4 would be the best size of poster or picture to place inside of it.

A3  are the size where the frames start to get larger.  Place an image or sign with good visibility

A2 is double the size and very popular standard size of poster frame.

A1 is quite large being double A2.  They would only fit in big spaces on your walls. This kind of poster frame size is best to showcase large images. You can use this sort of frame size in a portrait or landscape orientation.
A0 re the largest standard poster frame size that you can get.

These are the general standard sizes of different poster frames that are regularly held in stock.  For other sizes you would have to go to a custom-sized frame. Most posters and pictures fortunately usually come in these various standard sizes.
If you are aware of the different poster frame sizes, it will be easier for you to choose which one to purchase so that you can mount your signs or posters properly. It would also look much better if you choose the correct sizing for your poster. So always try to select the correct size of the poster frame, if you want to make your pictures or posters look good.

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